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Titan Hawk & Titan Wolf

 Pikkujuttuja3D presents: Hawk & Wolf! Titanic (height ~30 cm) duo of awesome titanic sized battlemachines, ready to cause problems to their foes!

This miniature is easy to pose in different ways due to the 3 part structure of legs and ball joints in hips and feet. Upper hull is connected to the hips with locked joining mechanism so you can easily take it apart for transportation.  

 Order can be customized with which ever parts, feel free to experiment! Every order will also come with extra decoration parts to further make it your own style.  

 For each titan kit you can choose the following:

Order info

  • One kit is 249€ +20€ postage (outside EU postage varies)
  • You can also purchase extra weapons 20€ per extra
  • If one massive machine of destruction is not enough for you then order a bundle! Each kit after the first is extra 200€ with all the same options as the fist one.
  • Each kit will be printed for order so it will take time to ship one. Each order takes couple of days to print since Pikkujuttuja3D will take care to print each part with 0.02mm layer hight to minimize layer visibility after painting. So don't order in hurry! 
  • As usual each order will only be billed AFTER the kit is ready to by shipped. Parts use good miniature grade resin and will not be overcured but beware of chipping if you intend to drill, saw or in any other way modify these parts. Parts will be dried and ready to paint on arrival!