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Terms of Use:

Legality of print files:

Pikkujuttuja3D cannot confirm the origins of the stl-files provided by the customer. Therefore the customer is entirely responsible for the origin and copyright of the stl/obj-files. By accepting the order, the customer proves that he understands and accepts the aforementioned clause. Pikkujuttuja3D owns no model files other than its own, and does not store stl/obj-files provided by the customer for later use.

Products from Pikkujuttuja3D's own collection BROKENWORLD:

Pikkujuttuja3D has the exclusive right to sell and print its physical models. Without a separate agreement, the buyer of the model or another third-party person does not have the right to resell the models, make copies of them, or otherwise exploit the models commercially. We do not sell STL-files. By accepting the order, the customer proves that he understands and accepts the clauses mentioned above.

Right of return and complaint:

Printed models do not have the right of return, because it is a custom on-demand job and because the customer approves the model before it is delivered. However, if the model is demonstrably damaged at the Post Office, we will print a new one for the customer at no additional cost. Damage must be reported within 14 days of sending the model. However, we will charge the price of the original model in any case.

Collection and storage of customer data:

Pikkujuttuja3D receives the customer's name, address and email address and, if necessary, a phone number from the customer's contact email. The information is stored to facilitate customer service and maintain customer contacts. Pikkujuttuja3D never discloses customer data to third parties. The customer can, if he wishes, request the deletion of the stored data.

Third Party Sites:

Our website contains links to pages owned or maintained by third parties. When moving to such pages, the customer must read and accept their possible terms of use before starting to use them. Pikkujuttuja3D has no ability to influence the content of the pages to which its pages have a link and which have been made or published by someone else, and Pikkujuttuja3D is not responsible for the content of those pages.

Site content:

The content of the site is presented without commitment and "as is". Pikkujuttuja3D does not guarantee the correctness or reliability of the information presented on the website or accessible through it. Pikkujuttuja3D does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free operation of the site. We are also not responsible for the availability of the pages. Pikkujuttuja3D reserves the right to make changes to the pages, remove any content from them or terminate the site.

Pikkujutta3D is not responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of our site and the information on it, such as delay, loss of income, goodwill, right of use or information, or other financial loss. Pikkujutta3D is not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by the service it offers on its website or its interruption, such as delay, loss of income, goodwill, right of use or information, or other financial loss. Pikkujuttuja3D's liability is at most in accordance with the mandatory provisions of Finnish law.


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