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Design & Modification


Starting price: 30 € / 1st hour

Hourly rate after: 7 € / 15 minutes

Did you find a good model but would like to change its position? Would you like to install an epic mustache and bunny ears on your robot or dinosaur? Is the character otherwise perfect, but lacks scratch pants and doesn't need a pistol on his belt? Turn to our modeling and modifying service!

Designing from scratch

It is also possible to model entire 3D-models from start to finish. The models can either be printed through Pikkujuttuja3D or their stls can be purchased entirely for your own use. The first option is cheaper for the customer, but in the second, the customer receives full copyright to the work and the files ready for 3D-printing. Contact us if you are interested in full-work 3D modeling.

An example of an hour's worth of work: