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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. "Can you print this cool figurine I saw on Instagram?"

If you have the figurine as a stl- or obj-file, yes we can.

2. "What the hell is a stl-file?

One of the many 3D design software file formats that our printers understand. Stl stands for "stereolitography". Another often seen is obj. A bit like images can have a jpeg extension or a Word file can have a docx extension.

3. "Okay, where can I get these stl-files?"

 You can find something nice and unique by Googling something like "some monstrous animal stl". There are sites that have specialized on 3d-files as well. is a specialized search engine for stl-files.

4. "Are the files free?"

Some are free, some are paid, depending on the desire of the creator of the file. 3D-modeling is time-consuming and heavy work after all. Remember that the files you buy stay with you permanently and you can print them as many times as you like.

5. "You know, these prices seem kinda high for a piece of plastic"

Our prices consist of workhours, material costs, taxes, machine maintenance, postage and the purpose of earning at least a little extra income. Our models on the other hand, are detailed and of high quality, not overpriced and distorted. Cheap is rarely good.

6. "What's the point of this printing thingy?"

It's a big one. If you order a print from us:

  1. You get exactly the model you want and need
  2. You get an excellent model for the price-quality ratio or as many as you want
  3. We can print highly detailed work with our sla-printers
  4. You don't need to know how to model yourself
  5. And you don't need to get your own noisy and smelly printer
  6. The models available online are unique, digital handicrafts
  7. The printing scene is growing rapidly. In the future, large players will have to start selling stl-files if they want to survive

7. "Doesn't the filament-printer make ugly surfaces and sharp edges?"

Filament-printers are not meant for miniatures or items with a need for high details anyways. Filament works well enough with containers and other more simple and larger designs. The printers we use for miniatures however are SLA-printers aka UV-resin printers capable of very high, minute details.

8. "I don't like the color of the print. Does it come in black?"

The color of the resin is random and has no bearing on the final result. The resin print is intended to be painted with acrylic colors as desired, even with black. 

9. "How do I handle the print?"

  • The print is made out of UV-cured resin, so it should be protected from too much sunlight until painting. Too much UV exposure can embrittle the print. When painted, the print behaves like any plastic part.
  • Standard miniature glues (also super glue) and acrylic paint work well for assembling/painting the print.
  • UV resin models do not need to be washed
  • The UV resin often feels a bit sticky in the hand compared to the models cast from plastic, but after the primer the difference is not noticeable.

10. "How big item can I order?"

Unless the item is outrageously big, we can probably print it, especially if it can be divided into smaller sections. Our biggest print plate is 298 x 164 x 300 mm. We'll always check the files before making our offer.

11. "How many models can I order?"

How many do you need? The printing plate fits a lot and there can be several platefulls of models in one order.

12. "I'd like to use your service to print some miniatures and sell them. Is that okay?"

Sure, we don't mind being a subcontractor. However, there needs to be an agreement on the terms of course.

Also, we don't take any responsibility on the legality of the print. We only print stl-files on demand, we don't sell models (unless they are our own design).

13. "Is this legal?"

Printing for private use is completely legal. However, if you intend to resell the model we printed, you should check the legality with the author of the model file (i.e. the owner of the copyright).

Pikkujuttuja3D is not responsible for the model's legality, we sell a print service, not other people's models.

14. "How will you ship the order?"

We ship trough Finnish Posti to EU and Europe. If you happen to be around Joensuu, you can alco come pick up the order.

15. "Model was broken when it arrived trough mail. What do I do?"

We pack the models as well as possible before shipping. However, if the model breaks in the post, please contact us within 14 days of sending it. We will print a new reasonably sized one for you at no extra charge. However, we charge the price of the original model.

16. "How are your return conditions?"

A print is a custom-made product that the customer approves before it even leaves our workshop. Therefore, our products do not have the right of return. We will print a new one at no extra charge to replace a reasonably sized model that has been verifiably destroyed in the post however.

17. "Is this ecological?"

Hell no. Even a so-called plant based resin is not ecological. We recycle what we can and reuse the cardboard boxes protecting resin-bottles as boxes for orders. We don't greenwash.