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Miniature 3d-printing

The final price is determined based on the resin usage and the amount of work needed. Prices also include VAT. These prices are guidelines.

Base price, full print plate*: 25 €

Large miniature / two full plates: 40-60 €

Massive sized miniature / multiple full plates: 60 - 100 €

Colossal model: 100-170 €

Whole freakin' army: 250 -300 €

* 50-60 heads, 6-10 25-32 mm base infantry models etc...

Shipping Costs:


Padded envelope 5,50 €

S-package 7,50 €

M-package 10,50 €

L-package 14,50 €

XL-package 20,00 €

Pick up in Joensuu 0 €

EU and Europe:

According to Finnish Posti's pricing:

Prices by region

All prints are printed from UV-resin with an SLA-printer and processed to be ready for painting.

UV resin models do not need to be washed!

We can refuse a print project if the piece/model you want is impossible, such as food-safe, sterile, or objects that require high wear resistance. The resin we use for printing is not of aforementioned quality.

The customer is responsible for the origin and rights of the stl/obj file. Pikkujuttuja3D does not save stl/obj files provided by the customer for later use. Read more: Terms of use.