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Thoughts on Ropecon 2023


By: Minna A, Pikkujuttuja3D

Pikkujuttuja3D was in Ropecon 2023 for the first time as a vendor. We have been to this wonderful event several times as a regular nerdy visitor, but now we were actually there working. We had managed to convince three of our friends to help us out as well.

What a ride it was! We were hopeful of maybe attracting ten people to our stand and maybe selling one or two of our Botzz-samples if we're lucky. Instead, people absolutely adored our silly little proxies, we had dozens and dozens of people visiting, we literally ran out of calling cards, and also made some connections I feel may be important to our future. In other words, Ropecon 2023 was a huge success.

Our heavily sleep-deprived and absolutely happy group of salesgoblins.
Our heavily sleep-deprived and absolutely happy group of salesgoblins.

I just barely managed to go view FCF-wrestling on Friday, and do some shopping during the weekend, but the rest of the time I was just working. Kalle just barely managed to take part in the Kings of War-tournament and was the one driving home to Eastern Finland on Monday. I was absolutely exhausted due to sleep deprivation. There wasn't much time for leisure for either of us.

But we wouldn't change this past weekend for anything.  Despite the exhaustion, this little trip was wonderful. It was thanks to all of you wonderful people we met during the three days. We'll absolutely come back next year. I'll see you then :)